NASA Plum Brook Station

NASA Plum Brook Station

Sandusky, Ohio

Buildings 1411 and 1441 - Renovation
The project consisted of various renovations to the Mission Critical Facility: Space Power Facility (SPF), Test Building No. 1411, and the attached office building No. 1441, Plum Brook Station.

Building 7141- Ground Source Heat Pump
The project consisted of transforming the existing HVAC system at the engineering building at Plum Brook Station from a two pipe radiant system to a ground source geothermal heat pump system.

Building 1411- HVAC Study
The project consisted of a HVAC study for the mission critical facility; Space Power Facility (SPF), Test Building No. 1411 at Plum Brook station.  The study was focused on the assembly and disassembly areas, consisting of high bays and 50’x50’ operable doors.

CEV Vibro-Acoustic Testing Capability at the Space Power Facility
CDL provided NASA with technical staff members on site to assist with NASA's review of design/build documents prepared by the design builder. The project was a Vibro-Acoustic Test Capability (VTC) to be built within the disassembly high bay of the existing operational Space Power Facility. The vibro-acoustic capabilities consist of two distinct vibration test facilities; one, a mechanical vibration test facility (MVF), and the other, a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF).