NASA Glenn Research Center

NASA Glenn Research Center

Cleveland, Ohio

The Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) Building 9 - Refrigeration System Study
Concept Study for the replacement of the refrigeration system to support aircraft icing program objectives for the Icing Research Tunnel that is the world’s largest tunnel capable of duplicating the icing conditions encountered by aircraft.

Building 21 Modifications
Interior modifications to approximately 16,000 sq. ft. of office areas with emphasis on HVAC and fire alarm systems.

Propulsion Systems Laboratory Altitude Chambers Test Cells 1 & 2 Demolition
Design demolition of buildings, test chambers, cooling structures, related piping, supports, foundations and utilities.

Bridge Inspection Four Bridges – FY06 & FY07
Bridge inspections in accordance with the Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) Bridge Inspection Manual and Federal Highway Administration requirements.

Hillside Slope Stabilization Investigation
Geotechnical and civil engineering study and recommendations addressing alternatives for stabilizing a subject slope.